Friday, November 30, 2012

Upgrading the blog!

This is just a quick post to let you know that the picture situation has been resolved just now and I am again able to upload as much as I want to show you everything I want to show you about AAAAAALL THE PLACES that I go and AAAAAALL THE THINGS that I do. 

Because of that upgrade, I decided to also upgrade everything that's already on the blog - of pictures, that is. I have a logo for isaontheway, got it a few years ago from a friend who's a graphic designer. I've never been able to really use it, though, but that is changing now. It's going on all the pictures I upload. Yay!!

So, basically, this day will serve as a kind of marker for you to figure out if you can count yourself in the group of oldschool readers of or not. If you've seen the pictures on this blog logo-free, then you are. If you haven't, you're not. 

Obviously, this transition will take a little while, I have a total of 562 pictures on this blog until today's date and all of them have to be downloaded, have the picture inserted and be put back up onto the site. Can't do that in one night. But I'm starting work on that tomorrow morning (because right now I'm off to sew a bag) and will also blog about the latest stories as soon as I can - things are happening here in Trinidad! And I want to tell you all about it. 

Thank you, Ricardo!!

Loving this so much...


  1. My Dear ISAontheway! thank you so much! I'm happy that now i can see all the pictures i want! Your Logo is pretty awesome ;-) btw now you can see more of my latest work here kisses from Panama! GLG

    1. Great page you have there, already clicked the "Like" button :)