Saturday, November 3, 2012

Public Showers?!

We have no water right now. The pipes went dry some time around midnight (Actually, around the same time the worst musicians in the world started making really loud noise - I'm not calling that music... - on the terrace of a building across the street from us. Maybe, those things are related?) and the water hasn't come back until now, the next afternoon. 

Usually, when there are repairs going on and the water is turned off, there's a notice and we get to know when it'll be turned off and for how long. But not this time. The whole area is without running water and nobody has any information as to why and for how long this will be going on. It's very strange. And somewhat annoying. 

The most annoying part is not being able to take a shower. We got some water from a rooftop reservoir in the morning, so we can fill up the tank of the toilet and we have our own drinking water, because we don't have a filter for the tap. But the shower is a different matter. Not enough in the reservoir to supply that. And the worst thing: it was really hot all morning! 

Not anymore, though. 

A storm came brewing. 

Bad, you think? No. Perfect! 

First and foremost, it's not scorching hot anymore and we can relax now. There's wind to cool us and the clouds are blocking out the beating sun. But also, it rained. Heavily. 

So what did we do? We went downstairs and basically showered in front of the house. No, not naked. And yes, without soap or shampoo. We're not going to cause a scene or pour chemicals into the street drains that empty into the sea. But shower we did. 

I'll be honest, Béa had to convince me. It was her idea and I'm still as shy as ever, so I didn't immediately warm to the idea. But when she came back upstairs and looked so happy, I had to go too. And it was glorious!!! 

Hysterically happy!

Yes, we went out in our clothes. The idea of going in bikinis had come up for just a second, but I'm really glad we didn't change into them, because our portero and the parqueo guy were already delighted enough with the show we put on - unintentionally. We just had the greatest blast splashing around and taking what has to have been the best shower of the year, fully clothed yet barefoot and in the middle of the street. 

The dresses have been hung up to dry, we're all cozy on our respective couches, now let the lazy-Saturday-afternoon-movie-entertainment begin. 

Let's just hope the power doesn't go out. 

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