Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween, cartagenero style.

Halloween. That happened. I'm not sure when it happened, but it did. The thing is, when the 31st of October is a Wednesday, people get confused. Do you celebrate the weekend before? Do you celebrate the weekend after? Do you celebrate in the middle of the week? No, that's not an option. People work. So, do you not celebrate at all? That's what I usually would have done, simply because I'm not the biggest fan of putting on a costume and looking like a crazy person. But lots of people around me are, so I let them convince me (infect me) and we all got dressed up and partied. We all, in this case, means Béatrice, Álvaro, Silvana and me. 

Béa became an evil witch. A wig of fiery red, long hair. Dark make-up. A long black dress, that looked like it was full of lightning - in red, pink and orange. We'd gotten our nails done on Thursday and in anticipation I asked Martha to make her nails orange-yellow with a red French and spiders and cobwebs. They looked great, still do as a matter of fact. 

Álvaro didn't expect to fall victim to the Halloween madness, that was going on in the house and came over without and weapons. So I got him and used a combination of Béa's and my make-up to turn him into a dead person crying blood. Poor guy, but he had fun - whether he admits it or not! 

Silvana became a dead cat. She'd brought her own cat ears and then we did the rest. Béa did her basic make-up, because she knows how to and is really good at it, and then I "killed" her. When you see the pictures, please bear in mind that I'm not a make-up artist or anything like that, but I really did the best I could. 

I, well, I became a fairy. A "physics fairy superhero", but you can't really see that unless you know, to untrained eyes I looked like just a random fairy (I'd originally wanted to go as Heisenberg's Principle of Uncertainty, but I was told that wasn't elaborate enough). Without wings, too, but True Blood has taught us that fairy's don't need to have wings, necessarily. Béa and Silvana worked together on my make-up and hair and I had a pretty mask and fake purple eyelashes. Really long ones. Yay! And I'd also gotten special nail art from Martha, two different shades of purple with flowers, love them. 

So now, in order for you to know what the hell I'm actually talking about, pictures.

Béa's witch nails.

Fifty shades of ... purple.

Detail of my right eye. Love the lashes. 

Almost a girls' night out - but all three of us are glad it wasn't, wouldn't have been half as much fun without Álvaro! 

Curiosity killed the cat? No, a fairy did. And then she killed the witness, too.

And when we were all ready and had no more rum at home, we went out. To what we though was going to be a dress-up party at Mister Babilla. Yep, we though. It wasn't. We were the only people there wearing any kind of costume. Apparently, the problem of not knowing when to celebrate Halloween had been resolved by most people by celebrating the weekend before. 

But we had a blast anyways. 

And more rum. 

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