Sunday, November 18, 2012

Good-bye, my dear Cartagena...

Due to some unexpected technical difficulties, this blog is not up to date anymore. But I'm setting that right today, by telling you what's been going on since the last time I wrote. Which is exactly what a blog is really supposed to do... well done, Captain Obvious! 

The last thing I told you about was the craziness that are the festivities accompanying Cartagena's Independence Day. A lot has happened since then, as well you know, because I did tell you I was going to move away from Colombia to Trinidad and I also mentioned being in Florida in the last post. This entry here is about saying byebye to Cartagena and my friends there. 

My flight out was on Sunday, the 11th of November, so we had bit of time to do some fun weekend stuff before I left. Friday afternoon I was just leaving to meet Kordula to get a phone for her so we'd be able to be in touch more easily - it made sense, because her plan was to stay in Colombia for a few weeks. And as I was leaving the apartment, Béa told me to be back at 5PM, because we had a plan for 5.30PM. That made me nervous, because she wouldn't tell me what that plan was and I really didn't know what she might be up to.

Still, I came back in time and she told me to change into something pretty and put on make-up and nice shoes. See, I'd known all along that I had reason to be nervous! She was having me do something, I don't like when people make me do stuff. Especially when said stuff involves mascara and high heels. Hrmph... And then we went out and even walking she wouldn't tell me where we were going. So in order to show my appreciation of her trying to surprise me, I made a real effort to be on my best behaviour: complaining about my shoes, complaining about my feet, complaining about the heat, complaining about the wind that wouldn't make the heat less stifling but messed up my hair, etc etc etc. 

The good thing is, she knows me well enough to just laugh about it and not take me seriously. 

Unfortunately, both our cameras were out of battery, so we didn't bring them and neither one of us could take any pictures. That's why I can't show you that really beautiful place Béa took me too for pre-dinner cocktails. It's a bit like Café del Mar, but somewhat smaller and quieter and it looks out over the little plaza in front of the Museo Naval, not over the Avenida Santander with all its traffic. We had mojitos de maracuyá, which were extraordinarily delicious - so much so, that we had two each. But worry not, that did not get us drunk. 

Next, we picked up Kordula from her hostel and went to Getsemaní, where we know this nice little bar/restaurant called Malagana. It has a rooftop terrace, which is always nice and cool because of the steady breeze coming in from the sea. We were there in time for their Happy Hour, so we go more mojitos, regular ones this time. And we also had food, which I'd never had there before, because usually we just go for drinks. The food was excellent, I recommend that place very warmly. After eating, the second half of our drinks arrived - Happy Hour means that you get two drinks for the price of one, but not at once so you can't beat the system by buying one Happy Hour cocktail and thus having drinks for two people. Everybody orders their own and when you're done with the first, you get the second one. Their timing is impressive, though. So yeah, again we had two mojitos. But worry not, that still did not get us drunk. 

While we were there, Silvana arrived with her sister. I wasn't really surprised to see here, because the day before we'd talked about going out, all of us. So I'd just assumed she'd show up and Béa's and her plan to surprise me didn't work out. But it was great to see her and the evening just kept getting better. 

From Malagana we went on to yet another place, one that I've walked past many times and that I know a lot about, but that I'd never actually really been to, because they often charge for you to get in and it's very pricey. But we were there early, so there was no cover and we also got a nice table right away. My first time in: Café Havana Cartagena. 

Now the best thing about that was that they'd chosen the place as our last stop, because they play salsa all the time and the girls know how much I love that music. How sweet is that?! Very, that's how sweet that is. Very. 

There, the real surprise happened. We were all sitting there, sipping our drinks (more mojitos, yes), when all of a sudden Álvaro was there! All of a sudden, out of nowhere, like whoa! Now that was a surprise, hats off to Béa, Silvana and him. 

Now I had all three of my Cartagena sweethearts with me, the people I'd spent the majority of my time with (though obviously Béa wins first place by veeeery far). And on top of that I had my friend Kordula, too, all the way from Austria. Happy times. 

We didn't stay out long though, because the next day I had to pack and Béa had to work. And also, we were really drunk. No! Joking! We weren't drunk at all! Five mojitos and the result: nothing. I guess drinking all that rum every weekend paid off after all... 

The quality of the picture isn't so great, because it was taken with a Blackberry.

Crazy, but happy too. On top of Malagana.

Love those two girls.

And last but very definitely not least, my dear Álvaro.

Thanks to Silvana for sending me all the pictures. 

Thanks to Álvaro for coming out to meet us. 

Thanks to Béa for... just... everything. 

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