Thursday, October 25, 2012

Shark is back!

Oooookay, this it-takes-forever-to-blog is stopping right now! It’s getting on my nerves as well, not only on yours. I have a pretty good excuse, though: I actually had work again this week. Not as much as I’d like, but enough to get me through the week without fearing for my future survival. Good enough, I say, for now. 

Last weekend‘s island trip was actually one of the coolest ones we’ve had so far. All of them were awesome, no doubt about it, but this one was special, like. Why? Because new people came along and we kept discovering new things and places. It’s surprising even to myself how such a small island as Isla Grande (...not) can hold so many hidden treasures that even after 3 years I still stumble upon new things that I’ve never come across before. Even if it’s just a new pathway to get from one beach to another... And the food, the food! Crabs and lobster and ceviche de pez león, it’s just all so extremely delicious. It might not be new, because we have the same food every time we go, but it still counts as part of the new stuff, simply because such delicacies don’t get old. Ever. 

The main new thing on this trip, at least for me, were two of the travel companions. Our dear downstairs neighbour Carolyn, who’s actually been on the island many times before, but never with me, and Béa’s friend Nico, who’s Colombian but lives in the States and on his first ever visit to Cartagena got kidnapped to The Island by a bunch of crazy people. Yay for him, how much better can it get, right? With those additions, the group consisted of an interesting mix of five this time: Béa and me, Nico, Carolyn and good old Álvaro. Oh, and I almost forgot the most important people who accompanied us this time: two freaking bottles of rum! 

This last bit of information brings me to the explanation of why this trip was so very special, apart, of course, from the exceptional company. We drank. A lot. You know – or at least I think you know – that I’m not one to drink much and I’ll be the last person to tell you that alcohol or drinking loads of it is a good thing. But, well, Sith happens. And drink we did. Shhhhh-loads! 

Is drinking shhhhh-loads the worst? I wish. But it’s not. The worst is that we started drinking at about 8.30AM. Yes, eight thirty in the freaking morning. Standing at the muelle, waiting for the Isla Pirata boat to head out towards the island, because there was no space for us on the Cocoliso boat, we stood in the shade and all of a sudden there was a bottle of rum and a bottle of Coke Zero and a cup. And all of a sudden we were passing it around in a circle like other people might pass around a joint or a thermos of hot chocolate on a cold winter morning somewhere high in the mountains. The point is, that first bottle of rum didn’t stand half a chance of making it whole even until noon. 

When we arrived, later than usual because of the boat-switch, we checked into our rooms and got ready for the beach. We got beer and more rum and walked to Ana Rosa’s to confirm our lunch order for later. From there we went straight to Playa Libre, only I can’t actually remember how we got there, now that I think about it. There are two entrances, through two different properties, but right now I have no idea, like none whatsoever, which way we took to get there. All I know is that after a short while we got to the little dock, where we left our stuff and jumped into the water. We drank more there. Sorry. 


Remember how I got shark powers from eating shake and bark in Trinidad? Well, those powers re-surfaced this weekend. Full throttle! I’m not going to go into much detail as to what having shark powers or being a shark on The Island means, those who were there know what I’m talking about and those who weren’t there but know me well enough also know, or at least they’ll be able to imagine. I shut up now. 

After swimming for a while we went back to Ana Rosa’s to enjoy our ceviche de pez león and from there we went straight on to Playa Bonita. More beach, more water, more sharking. A lot more sharking... a lot. 

By that time I was already a point where I didn’t want to drink anymore. Despite the amount of rum I’d already consumed, I was still self aware enough to recongnize that I’d gotten to my limit, so I switched from rum and coke to just plain coke. Good idea, isa! Well done! The others either didn’t care or are more accustomed to drinking than I am, so everybody else kept going, even though they did slow their pace also. When we figured that the boat with the day-visitors would be about to leave we headed back to Cocoliso to take over the pool area and Ever’s bar. More cocolocos, more beers, more rum and coke. Though still not for me, thank gods. 

The day still went by kind of quickly and before long it was time to head back over to Las Palmeras to get dinner. By that time I was feeling rather unwell, because having forgotten to apply sunscreen and having drunk enough to dehydrate the whole Amazon, I got burnt by the sun outside and in. This means that my face was bright red (think glow in the dark tomato) and my brain was fried, leaving me dizzy and tired. I wasn’t the worst off, though. Carolyn had decided that after all the hard work in Cartagena she’d let loose this weekend and get drunk college-style. For those of you who don’t understand, that means extremely, highly, very, incredibly drunk. Tomás had had the afternoon off and was hanging out with us, either talking to Ever or Álvaro, so he was close. I took advantage of that and entrusted him with the task of getting Carolyn safely to and from Las Palmeras. He did well enough, taking care of her and leading all of us through the night: nobody stumbled and fell and nobody got lost in the dark forest (we didn’t have any flashlights, smart as we are). 

After that I decided that my day had been long enough, so instead of going to the laguna with the others I headed back to the room to read and then sleep. Perfect. 

The next day, we took it slowly. Carolyn and I got up around 8.30/9AM and went to have breakfast and then we lazed in the hammocks for a while. Around the pool area in Cocoliso, there are palmeras and other trees with hammocks underneath, great for a little relaxation in the shade. After a while, we decided we needed to be in the sea again so we headed back to Playa Bonita. More sharking happened there. And when Béa and Nico arrived, more drinking happened too. Not for me, though, I only had juice and soda that day. 

It was very enjoyable; we alternately lay flat on our backs on the surface of the water or on a beach chair in the sand, because nobody felt like moving much. Lazing around in paradise, what a great way to spend your Sunday. 

When it was time to get ready for the departure, we paid our bill and strolled back to Cocoliso, got our things ready and checked out of the rooms and – surprise – paid more bills! The one from the bar was especially impressive, I’m just glad I didn’t partake in that, my liver and my bank account are equally grateful. 

Right now, I’m freeeeeeeezing, because I finally made it to Bogotá (yaaay). But more on that tomorrow, I gotta get under my blanket now! 

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