Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lazy lazy lazy...

... but only with blogging! 

And I'm sorry, this is getting worse and worse, isn't it? October 17th and this is the first post this month... oh my. It's not actually that much laziness that caused this lack of stories. The lack of stories is what caused the lack of stories. Simple. I didn't do much except look for work and freak out about not finding any, so there was nothing to tell you. But I finally got a project yesterday and it was short but great work, so things are looking better now. 

And things are coming up, too. 

This weekend, we're going back to The Island. Again, it's just a short two-days-one-night break, but we do get away from the hectic city for a bit, which is always nice. I don't really know how long ago the last trip was, so I don't know what phase the moon is going to be in, but maybe we're even lucky enough for some more fluorescent plankton Saturday night! Who knows, we'll see and I'll tell you all about it. 

And then next week there's another trip planned. I'm finally going to Bogotá to visit some of my friends - I'm very excited for that. First, I'm going to be out of this heat for a few days (although with all the rain and storms we get here at the moment, it's almost cold already). Second, I really like Bogotá and it's going to be nice to be back there. Third - and most importantly - I'm going to see some of my friends there again! Probably, not all of them will have time to meet up, everybody always has so much to do nowadays... but it'll still be wonderful, even if I don't get to see each and every one of them. 

So, yeah, this is the latest update about the life of isaontheway in Cartagena, Colombia. Could be worse, right?

Stay tuned for proper news after The Island and Bogotá! 

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