Sunday, September 16, 2012

Quiet days? No way!

I thought that coming home would mean that I'd have lots of time to reflect and assimilate and just make a summary in my head of all the things I've seen and learned and lived through in these past two months of more or less intense traveling. But no! Not here. Instead, this is what's been going on: 

- Unpacking and getting settled in to make this place my home for the next month and a half (probably, we'll see). Where is "this place"? It's Béa's apartment!!! Béa didn't want me to go to my usual home, beautiful Bellavista, because we hadn't seen each other in such a long time and we get on so well that the idea right now is for me to stay at her place. And I am so happy about this! It's great. Because we really do get on like fire in an ill kept archive and it's just so easy to be living together as well. OK, it's only been a few days so far. But I have a good feeling about this. 

Brought a piece if Trinidad with me.

- Revisiting some of my favourite places, which includes having a breakfast consisting of jugo de maracuyá and pan pizza at La Esquina del Pandebono. And, of course, my beloved Éxito. The best thing about going shopping at Éxito for the first time after about 10 months was to find out that my Tarjeta Puntos still works! So I get to be all cool at the checkout and when they just assume that I don't have a card, because I look like a tourist (Yes, some people think that although the general idea seems to be that I'm either from Bogotá or from Antioquia, don't know why...), I go "Excuse me, don't you want to know my card number?" and then they're all like "Ummm, ummm, yes, yes, sorry, of course." 

Buy the most important things first, everything else can wait.

- Running errands like getting Béa's cédula de extranjería at Inmigración Colombia, formerly known as DAS, and getting money from the ATM - with a bleeding heart, because my bank account isn't what it used to be (as in full). 

- Reading. Because it doesn't matter where I am, I can't not do that. 

- Cooking. Yes, I get to cook at Béa's place! I love that, because I miss baking a lot and this way I can still be creative in the kitchen. And it's a challenge of sorts, because of course the ingredients here are different. Not very, but still different. 

Tomato omelette on a bed of crisp lettuce, with a fresh green tomato and cream cheese topping and sprinkled with crunchy toasted corn.

Colourful tomato and shrimp fry with lime green beans and toasted flatbread. 

- Drawing up battle plans and making up strategies for the months to come. Because I have to figure out what I really want to do now that I've arrived. Work, yes. Obviously! But apart from that? I can't do nothing aside from translating and then there's also the question of where I want to do it. Do I stay here in Cartagena the whole time? Do I go somewhere else in Colombia? Do I go somewhere else entirely in a few months? Of course, those things can't be planned thoroughly right now, because if I do then life will happen and throw over my plans and as we say in German: Erstens kommt es anders, und zweitens als du denkst. So that's that. 

- Meeting up with friends. Slowly but surely, I'm starting to get in touch with everyone I know around here and I really hope that I'll continue to be able to meet up with friends and hang out and have some fun and catch up and all of those nice things. 

- Partying. What? Partying, really, you? Are you sure it wasn't just a boring evening at home and you just thought it was a party because you had a glass of wine? No! I'm serious! Ask Béa and her friends, or ask the people at Mister Babilla. First, Álvaro came to pick Béatrice and me up and we all went to Annabelle's place in Castillo Grande, via the Carrulla, where we bought rum and coke and ice and limes. There we spent some time drinking and listening to music and just chilling, basically. After a while, though, we got into two taxis and went to Arsenal. There, the group split, unfortunately, as the differences in taste and preferences were too big. But Béatrice, Álvaro, Béatrices cute friend Silvana and I continued to have fun at Mister Babilla, celebrating "el día de hacerle el amor a la amistad". Please, believe me: I was there and I partied! 

Also, in case you still think I made all of that up, here are some pictures so you can see I'm not lying. I even put on make-up! 

And not just make-up. Nice shoes, too! 

Pre-party at Béa's friend's place. That's her on the right, Anabelle. 

Plain old Coca Cola. You believe me, don't you?

Group shot of the four of us who went to Mister Babilla: Silvana, Béa, Álvaro and me. 

Silvana and me at Mister Babilla. Does this remind you of anything?

None of those pictures are posed. Well, yes of course they're posed. But I mean we really partied, we really had loads of fun and, most importantly, I really danced a lot! 

The aftermath: 

Our dresses were in dire need of some fresh air the next morning...

"Béa, why is there glitter on me?"

- Getting rid of hangovers. No, just joking. I didn't really have a hangover today, but I was awfully tired all day and so again, didn't do much. But last night was worth it. And so was every single day so far - it's good to be back. 

Now back to reading.