Monday, September 3, 2012

I have a stalker!

Had to post this quickly before going to bed, because it's so funny. I'm sitting on my little porch and a while ago I got that weird feeling that someone was watching me. Quickly enough, I found out that it was true - I was being watched! By a little frog!! When I first saw him, he was sitting on the chair next to mine, in the corner of the porch, looking at me. He had already turned around when I got the camera. Over the last hour, he kept watching me, moving around slightly every few minutes. Did he think I'd lose him from sight? I didn't, and it was extremely cute to watch him watch me. Here's the pictures I took of the little guy. 

In the end, he's back where I'd first found him, the crazy little dude. I'm now off to take some Panadol for my flu and then I'm going to sleep. I wonder what he's going to do when I'm gone...


  1. ggggh you had a friend. it looks cute, on a screen. don't know if i'd have managed to sleep ;)

    1. It wasn't a problem, because he was outside and I was inside - under a mosquito net... otherwise, i don't know if I'd have kept my cool ;)