Friday, September 28, 2012

Desperate housewife?!

It's been a week since my last post and I'm sorry, but you'll pleased to find out that I'm doing great here. Unless you hate me. Then you should stop reading right now. Cos you won't like this one bit. 

So, one week since my last post and a little over two weeks since I got here. Reality has settled in and I have settled into something of a routine. But it's a good one, I like it. I get up every morning between 5AM and 7AM, then spend the day looking for jobs or, if I get a job, working. Then it's back to bed at 9PM. Yes, I'm serious. No, I haven't turned into an old granny overnight. Well, maybe I have. But this rocks, believe me. 

The first week wasn't too easy for me, because I was constantly looking for work and not getting enough positive replies. But now that work is starting to come in I have my purpose back. I'm just not a sit-back-and-do-nothing person, I need stuff to do in order to stay sane. And I love working in translation. It makes me happy in a way that few other things have in the past. 

And because there's a routine and a more or less fixed timetable for work, there's now actual free time in my life. Not just general time where I have less to do than at other times, but real, actual free time. And I have found great ways of using it: 

- exploring more of Cartagena. This place has changed so much since the last time I was here, even though it's "only" been ten months. There are new bars/cafés/restaurants everywhere and parks and squares all over the city have been remodeled. It's cool to just walk around or take the longer way when going places to see what's new in the area. Surprises every day. 

- hanging out with old and new friends. Be it after-works drinks with Béa and Álvaro or meeting up with CouchSurfers from Cartagena or who are visiting, it's great to finally be out there again. Of course, I'm still the same person who loves reading and watching movies in the evening instead of going out, but I do both now. I might not go out every day/night, but I have a real social life now, something I haven't had for quite a while, partly because of the thesis-related stress I had in Vienna and partly because I seem to have become a boring person over time. But old isa is back now - muahahaha. 

- being a housewife. Yes, really. I'm not anybody's legal wife (phew), but I look like a 50ies housewife out of a black and white movie everyday between 11AM and 1PM. Only, like, way cooler. Making up meal-plans, shopping for food and then cooking - serving - doing the dishes. I'm not a desperate housewife, though. I love it, it's so much fun! I don't do it all the time, obviously (because I'm not a real grown-up), and we actually had a bad lapse in the beginning of the week where we were back to the worst-possible lifestyle: red bull and rice with ketchup. Not that rice with ketchup is bad, not at all, it's freaking awesome! But it's not exactly healthy. Now I'm back on track, though, preparing delicious meals for our lunch every day. And I plan on continuing to do so. 

Arepa venezolana loaded with cream cheese and tuna and tomatoes and green peppers. With scrambled eggs with onion.

Couscous with a simple lecsó (green tomato, red tomato, green pepper, onion) and fresh lettuce with palmitos and babycorn.

There's still a few things that need sorting out and that package with clothes that I sent from Miami is still somewhere out there, in the limbo... but, as I said, in general everything's really good right now. 

Gotta keep this going! 

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