Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I just did something! Something cool! Cool for me, anyways... but I'm pretty sure that many of you will be happy for me, right? RIGHT?!

OK, I was talking to Lady Trvlr just now and as I told you yesterday, she's also a CouchSurfer and a traveler and a travel blogger - like me but for real! And she helped me get my own domain - finally! (I really use that word a lot in my blog posts, I guess I've been spending my life waiting up until now...) 

I had, of course, heard about GoDaddy before, but I was never sure how to get what I needed off the site and now I do. With her help, though, I have now managed to register my domin with GoDaddy and I am now official. And it was so cheap, because Tonii found a coupon for me. I'm really happy right now... I have to go find my logo that my dear friend Ricardo made for me!! Oh, excitement..!

isaontheway around the world and the interwebs: 

And Google+ too, but I can't give you that link, because I don't understand the site. 

Also, for most of those sites you have to be logged in to be able to see my page, for privacy and safety reasons. I tell you enough private things about my personal life on this site right nere, no need to open up my CS profile or my FB to strangers, right? 

But, again, right here is where the magic happens and in the next 1-2 days you won't have to go to isaontheway.blogspot.com anymore. I am now: 


Update: www.isaontheway.com is LIVE NOW!!! 


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    1. I know! It's like not even new anymore and it still gets me excited when I type isaontheway.com and my page comes up :D

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