Monday, August 6, 2012

Ewww bubbles!!

I know I promised more stories about NYC, but they'll come, don't worry about it. 

This evening I went to the Food Truck Roundup in Hollywood (every Monday night at Young Circle Park right on Hollywood Boulevard) with two girls from my dorm in the hostel, Tonii and Tanya - and they're both CouchSurfers! Tanya has a friend, Nelson, in the area who came to pick us up with his truck and took us up to the place so we wouldn't have to go there by bus (Tanya and I had gone to Publix - right next to the park where the food trucks were - and it took forever to get there and back, because of how irregular the bus schedule is). 

Originally, we were all going to have dinner there together, but I hadn't eaten all day and when we got back from food-shopping in Publix I just couldn't hold myself back and ate my whole sandwich I'd just gotten. So, obviously, there was no room for any more food. Sad, because the variety of food at the Roundup was incredible! I never even knew so many different food trucks existed. Of course, we don't really get them in Austria and I only knew them from watching vlogs on YouTube, but even there I'd only ever seen two different ones. There were over 15 different trucks tonight! I wish I could go again, but I won't be here anymore next Monday. I'll have to come back to Hollywood a sixth time to get delicious truck food.

Alas, because I wasn't hungry anymore, I couldn't have any dinner (stupid, stupid, stupid for eating that sandwich...) and so I just went to find something to drink. There was this one truck, Boba, that had iced teas and smoothies and all sorts of yummy drinks and I decided to get a raspberry iced tea. 


Tanya's friend Nelson getting a drink. 

I love raspberry iced tea a lot, there's so many different ones I've tried so far and each and every single one of them was so yummy. But this one... well it was different. See, what I hadn't realized was that I was going to get bubble tea. It didn't say that on the menu and I thought raspberry iced tea would be just that, but it was raspberry iced bubble tea. Oops. 

I decided to try anyways and chose lychee for my bubble flavour. I shouldn't have done that, though. In Vienna, most of my friends who had already tried that stuff used to warn me about it and say not to get it. Oh, if only I'd listened! The tea itself was good, if a bit sweet, but the bubbles were horrible, so horrible... 

I wasn't sure what to make of them or what to do with them and Tonii said to bite on them. Oh gods, so gross!!! I remember one time, many years ago, I had a seafood salad and there were also a few little baby squid in it. One of those baby squid hadn't been cleaned properly and was still full of whatever it is that's inside them (brains?!). I bit on it and it burst and my mouth filled up with this weird tasting and weird feeling liquid. Worst sensation ever in my mouth, it made me want to throw up. Squidbrains! Oh gods... The memory still makes me shudder. 

Those little bubbles, when bitten on and burst open, felt the exact same way.

My "ewww" face. Or, one of my "ewww" faces...

Tiny squid brains.

My solution, then, was to simply spit them all out, because swallowing them whole didn't really work. Once the whole spit-them-out-without-them-getting-between-my-teeth-and-bursting-technique was worked out, I could quench my thirst worry-free. 

After that, though, I had to take back what I'd said about not getting any food, because I found this: 

Whaaaaat?! It's a freaking waffle! On a freaking stick!! A waffle on a stick!!! Somebody out there really knows how to make me very happy. 

But somebody out there really knows how to make me very sad, too... When I went to get me a waffle on a stick, the guy in the truck said they didn't have any waffles. Sadface. I told him he was breaking my heart, but that didn't change anything. He still didn't have a waffle on a stick for me. More sadface. So I had to settle for a piece of cheesecake, because the only other alternative was this: 

No way.

Tonii was a sweetheart, though, and went to get me a stick. No waffle, no fried candy bar, just a stick. I actually just asked her if she'd go get me one because I wanted to see if she'd do it, but she's a shameless one, like me, so she went and asked for just a stick for me. The guy's face was priceless! I like my stick, it made my heart whole again. 

New York City stories later!

By the way, this is Tonii's travel blog. She's more experienced than me - both at traveling and at blogging about it. But don't leave me just because I told you about someone else! Don't leeeeeeeave meeeee!!! PLEEEEASE!!!

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