Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A day in the life of a traveler in Florida.

Just because I'm still posting so much about NYC at the moment, I wanted to get in an update on what I'm actually doing right now, which is bumming around Florida. I'm in a six-girl-dorm in the Hollywood Beach Suites, Hostel + Hotel and loving it. We're a block from the beach, but that doesn't actually keep me from not going. I'm relaxing, so I spend a lot of time just lying around in my bed or on a couch by the office either reading or surfing around the web randomly. Trying to get as many of my clothes washed as possible, by hand of course. Filling up my movie and series folder for when I don't have a steady internet connection anymore. Doing everything really slowly, because I don't want to spend too much energy, I want to recharge. 

Yesterday, Tonii organized a CS meeting at the Taco Shack that's part of the hostel. In the end, though, it was only her, Tiffany (another girl that had just arrived at our dorm), Robert (a CSer I met in the area, have I mentioned him before?) and me. It was still cool, though, because it was Taco Tuesday, which means 2-4-1 tacos. Talking about our travels and what kind of trip we were all on (tripping, man...) we got to the topic of Key West. Neither Tiffany nor Tonii have ever been down there, so we got the idea of renting a car, getting a room and going there together. After dinner, we headed down to the beach and spent some time listening to live music at the Hollywood Beach Theatre on the Broadwalk. I went home really early, though, because I wanted to sleep. 

The idea of going to Key West stayed, only that Tiffany isn't on board anymore. Now it's just Tonii and me. We got a car today and, because she's a military veteran, we go to reserve a room on the military base in Key West. 

Today, we got the car in the afternoon and then drove around the area a while to get her a new suitcase and get our nails done. I finally got the pedicure I've been waiting for forever! And I got a manicure too, because my nails were all broken. Now, everything is fine and pretty on fingers and toes and it should stay like this for a while, too, so I'm good for continuing my travels without having to worry about any of my nails. 

And it was great to spend the day in the car, because we have A/C in there and it was crazy hot today!! I took the following picture with Tonii's cell phone this late afternoon/early evening: 

On the way home from running all our errands (or, rather, Tonii's errands, because I didn't have anything else to do apart from getting my nails done) we stopped at a little pizza place off A1A, between Hollywood Boulevard and Sheridan Street, to get a pepperoni pizza and something to drink. As there was a little peruvian place right next to it, I got chicha morada!! For the first time in ages!! And it wasn't half bad, I'd actually been a little nervous because it wasn't a brand I knew. Here, this is the one I got. 

It's going to be time for bed really soon, because it's already after 9PM and we want to start the trip really early tomorrow morning, around 4AM or 5AM. That way we get to Key West early and can spend the whole day and we don't have to stay too long on Friday, so we won't drive at night on the way back up. Also, I have to get packed after coming back on Friday (my things will stay at the hostel - if they don't refund the night I'm not spending there, then I'm keeping the bed), because I leave pretty early on Saturday - off to Sint Maarten! 

Looking forward to tomorrow and Saturday, and I'll keep posting stories. 

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