Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Up to something.

At the end of my last blog entry I said that I was up to something. That was not a lie, in fact, I really am up to something. And that's also my excuse for not talking about Copenhagen or Belgrade anymore, simply because I was so busy. And still am, but I just wanted to take the time to lift the veil now. Lift the veil as in tell you what it is I'm up to (although if you read this it probably means you know me in person and you already know...). But still! Here's the official Newsflash: 


I'll be ontheway again in 2 days, leaving for Puerto Rico on Wednesday morning. What's so special about that? Nothing much, really. Apart from the fact that - for the first time in my life - I've bought a ONE WAY TICKET out of Austria! 

I'm excited, can you tell? 

I bought my ticket on June 18th, while waiting for my flight to Belgrade at Vienna International Airport. I find that somewhat symbolic, poetic maybe. Buy a flight while waiting for one? That's got something, doesn't it? Anyways, after buying my ticket I felt I wanted to share my happiness (because having that ticket really makes me happy, believe me) so I posted on facebook. Not where I was going or when, just a few words for Vienna. 

And, dearest Vienna, you've been wonderful! My last two weeks have been extremely stressful because of all the sorting out and throwing away and giving to people and packing and organizing and packing and packing... but they were also beautiful, because I got to do so many things I couldn't do during the first half of 2012 due to trying to graduate from university. (Which I did, by the way. I'm a Mag. phil. now!) 

So, this is how Vienna and I enjoyed our last days together: 

- Brunch at Naschmarkt with my best friend in the whole wide world (or Chile, to be specific right now), and secretely trying on Make Up at BIPA and walking around Saturn like we used to do on our weekly date-nights. 

- Graduation lunch with my family and the going to visit them again, driving around my beautiful Seewinkel and even going to hang my feet into Neusiedler See. Home! Sitting around with my dad and grandparents and my aunt and my grandma and helping with the apricot jam... 

- Lunch with good friends. Dinner with good friends. Coffee with good friends. A picnic with good friends. A Star Wars Marathon with good friends! Got to see so many people I love, like Paola and Claudia and Iris and Béa and oh my... I'm not going to list all the names now, they know who they are. Right, sweeties?

- I baked four more times: carrot cake, chocolate muffins, cheesecake brownies and Ewok Cupcakes. It was delicious and I got to make sure people are going to miss me when I'm gone, even when in some cases it's just because they won't get anymore cake from me. 

- I was invited to a weekend garden party and got to meet one of my best friend's best friends and hang out with her and a bunch of really cool people. And on the way home I got a ride in a really cool dark red cabriolet from my friends lovely ex-roommate, who happens to be the boss of Weltcafé - am I VIP or what? 

- Spent some time just walking around and doing all the mundane things that I won't get to do anymore when I'm travelling. Just to say good-bye to my city. 

Dear Vienna, thank you for agreeing with me and making the best of our last days together. You are awesome. I'll always think of you no matter where I am and I know I can come home if I get to a place I don't like. You were my first city-love. 

Thank you. 

I'm leaving tomorrow. 


  1. Aw. Have a good trip. And whenever you get homesick, just think of us at Weltcafè with like -15C outside. You won't miss it anymore. Or let's say at least you won't miss the -15C part :)

    1. Homesick? I'm not sure that's possible anymore. Home is where the heart is, right? And I carry all my family and friends with me so my heart is right here :) So is home :)


  2. wow it is awesome to be 'here' to see the two points of the circle where they almost meet

    and i'm definitely going to see the connecting blog post too ;) <3

    1. It's awesome for you, now imagine what it's like for me. Life is amazing!