Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Poet's Passage, Viejo San Juan.

I'm already in Santo Domingo, República Dominicana, right now but I wanted to dedicate a blog entry to my favourite place in all of Old San Juan. 

The Poets Passage in the heart of Old San Juan, a little shop of poetic curiosities with an open space for tertulias, where they really do hold open mic nights every Tuesday. And there's the café poético, which, after thinking long and hard (TWSS) about all the cafés I know and like, is right up there in my top 5 - worldwide! 

I went there almost every day to have a cup of delicious coffee, they have such a creative way of presenting their product, there's actually a picture of the list of available coffee variations and creations in the first blog entry about San Juan. My favourite one was the Rhyme, with vanilla or almond flavour. The Metaphor is also delicious! And they also do their coffees to go, which does rob you of the beautiful experience of sitting in the café for a while, but you do gain the possibility of enjoying a coffee even though you have to keep going. 

Ah whatever, I liked it so much, here it is again: 

This here in the picture is my friend the poet, painter and musician Abdiel Du'Collage.

What I really liked best about the café, even though the coffee quality is already really high, was the feel of it. It's the combination of the very comfortable furniture (held in dark colours to combine with the hardwood floors and brick walls), the poetry and paintings all over the walls that are accentuated with little pieces of antique paraphernalia, the carefully selected very mellow background music (you could meditate in that place, almost) and the vibe of all the artists hanging out in there and even among the staff. 

I wish there was a place exactly like this in every city, or at least in every city I go to. I went there almost every day of my stay in San Juan and even though I'm sure Santo Domingo is also going to present itself as a wonderful place (haven't seen much yet due to being extremely tired yesterday), I kind of miss that little café. I hope that at least in Fort Lauderdale I'll find something that comes close to its cuteness and quaintness and to how wonderful the staff are, then I'll have the perfect place to not only do my own writing but actually get some work done too! 

We'll see.

In the meantime, if you're in San Juan, please go and give the Poet's Passage a big hug in my name. And let it know that I'll be back, sooner or later. 


  1. Caden and I will be going there. I will tell Abdiel hello for you, my friend.

    1. You will L.O.V.E. that place, seriously! I'm so happy that you'll go there, because it is truly a wonderful little place. And thank you so much, hug him for me if you can :)

  2. I will hug him hard and if he is cute, I will grab his ass--and tell him it's from you. ;)