Sunday, July 15, 2012

Puerto Rican beaches are beautiful. I

You know how usually the beaches inside cities are really ugly? Or if they're not ugly, at least the water is rather dirty? I know that from Cartagena, there the only way I can go swimming at the beach across the street from where I live is by continuously telling myself that I'll be able to shower as soon as I leave the water. Hollywood (FL) has a very nice beach area that's also very clean and Nassau is the same. But El Escambrón beach here in San Juan, Puerto Rico is so far the most beautiful city beach I've ever been to. 

Not many words for you, apart from telling you that I went with my CS host Abdiel and Christiane and Yunus, as I think I mentioned in an earlier post. This beach is best described in pictures! 

Beautiful... very beautiful. 


  1. Very nice beaches indeed, Isa! I am happy to know that you made it to those beautiful beaches in PR...I am still in Miami...and coincidentally going to the beach in Hollywood, Fl. next week :D!

    1. Oh Mari, you'll love Hollywood! It's such a nice place.

      And I'm coming to FLL on the 20th myself!! I'll be trying to kinda commute between Plantation and Hollywood and I have some ... let's call it business ... in Miami itself. Do you think we can meet and go to the beach or get a coffee or a drink?

      Hugs and besos :)

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