Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Patriotic Sunburn

I spent the day by the pool as I have nowhere else to go at the moment - no car and no jobless friends, I'm really pretty lonely...- and now that I got back to the apartment and took off my bikini to change back into proper clothes I saw the coolest thing ever on my belly: 


I spent one half of my time reading my book in a deckchair next to the pool and the other half - admittedly, the smaller half - swimming around in the pool. While reading I had my cute red fan with me, because it was pretty hot and I was lying in the sun. So I'd either use it to fan myself or to shield my head from the sun whenever it beat down too hard, but when I wasn't doing either of those two things, I left it lying on my stomach. With no sun screen around it whatsoever. 

Usually, that's not a problem. I don't tend to burn, I'm so lucky I inherited tan-easy-burn-hard skin from my parents. But compared to the rest of my body, the skin on my belly has hardly been exposed to the sun this year and the times I went to the beach so far, in Puerto Rico, everybody stayed in the shade. So this was really the first time that the middle of my body got any exposure. And it burned! Obviously!! It doesn't hurt or anything and it'll be gone in a few hours, as I already put aloe vera gel on it, but it is burnt nevertheless. 

And because I had my fan lying across that oh so sensitive part of my skin, it's now red-white-red. Just like the Austrian Flag. 

To all the people who keep saying I don't love my country because I left it: On my tummy!! In your face!!! 

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