Thursday, July 19, 2012

La Perla, una perla.

I don't talk about music on this, usually, so if somebody who doesn't know me reads this, they won't know that I like Calle 13 and I loveloveloveseriouslylove Ruben Blades. And then there's this song, La Perla, where the two collaborate. I love that song, for many reasons. First, it's a great song musically, the rhythm and the beat and the melody and the combination of their musical styles, ohmagawd... Second, it always reminds me of a really cute almost-love story (in the depth of my mysterious past, so I won't talk further about it, sorry if you were hoping for gossip) that has to do with a place called La Perla in Callao, Peru. In this song they talk about the connection between Callao, Panama and La Perla, Puerto Rico, but the names are still the same and just always make me think of that story and the fact that La Perla, Callao is one of the coolest places I've ever been to and is still my favourite place in Peru. Third, the lyrics of the song. What they describe is what I look for in a place, a place to stay. How much life there is, the way everybody knows each other and there's a union between the people, this deep feeling of belonging and being at home. If I do permanently move somewhere, that somewhere has to be like that. And last but not least, the music video. I just love the colours and the energy and, of course, the place it shows. 

So now that I was in San Juan I actually got to go to La Perla! There weren't many people about, otherwise it would have been even more of an experience, but the place is truly as beautiful as the song suggests. It's nothing special, really, from any point of view but the one that looks for character. That, it has loads of. 

It's one of those places, you know. If you're from there you're proud of it. 

Mmm, pictures now. 

La Perla, I liked that place a lot. And just like in the song, I sent a greeting over to Panama. I think it worked. ¿Verdad, Ricardo, que te llegó mi saludo? 

I would have gone by myself, just to walk around seeing and feeling the place. Maybe a picture here and there. But Abdiel liked the idea of a walk along the coast and decided to come with me. That made it so much better!! Because he knows the place. Not only did he appear in the music video - he's one of the musicians, he actually played with Calle 13 and Ruben Blades - he also used to live in La Perla. So he told me all kinds of stories and led the way through the little streets, zigzagging between houses and the sea. It's nice to have company, especially when the company is someone you like and I really feel like Abdiel is my friend after these days we spent together. I also hope he reads this so he'll know. 

La Perla is a truly special place, at least to me. 

Oh and there's another very special place right next to it. The old cemetery! How is that special? I'll post a picture and then you just tell me how it can not be special to spend eternity with this beautiful view. 

Forever by the sea, forever in the breeze. It's not that I think about this a lot or anything. I'm just saying that if I do have to die some day (and it's kind of hard to avoid...) and then I do have to be buried (which I wouldn't want, cremation is the way to go) then this would be the kind of place I'd be OK with. Forever by the sea, forever in the breeze. 

Oops, it just got dark and heavy... Sorry! 

On a happier note, I'm going to the park now with a friend. And someday I'll go back to La Perla. 


  1. La Perla is a sort of no-man's land. If you go there, it is wise to have company, somebody from the area (smart move) and also do not go at night and do not be seen trying to take pictures. It is a very dangerous place, actually-lots of drug dealing out in the open. If you call 9-1-1 from La Perla, the cops will tell you to leave the area and then call them because even the police do not go into La Perla.

    1. I know, isn't that crazy? I mean, as I wrote, I would have gone by myself and I was actually about to go by myself when Abdiel decided to come along, but then again I'm not the smartest person when it comes to personal security. I wouldn't have gone at night, though. That smart I am ;) Where did you hear about La Perla? Is that commonly known and I'm the only person ignorant of how bad the situation is?

  2. In my looking up all things PR, lol. I'm so excited to finally be going somewhere...I've been online like crazy. Also, I youtube'd it and knew about the song as well. the best place to find stuff out is you find information from actual natives and also from ppl who have visited there. :) laughed at your Istanbul post because the men there are VERY flirtatious, especially to older women who might just be desperate and need to hear it and might have $$$ to spend on a boy toy. They are bold and blunt, albeit charming. But you can really be taken for a ride. I'm glad it was a good and positive experience for you--but as you said you would have gone with that kid if you'd been on your own, I cringed. Don't you dare, young lady!!! That's me 'momming' you. Virtual tourist-that's the real dope on the situation. :)

    1. Note to self: remember!! Thanks Juju!!

  3. Hey your greetings are not in vain, it took awhile because it came swimming and it got lost in the ocean. Finally, it arrived to Panama and I gave her a warm kiss and a big hug wherever you are my dear. Besos desde Panama City.