Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Food-related places I like in Copenhagen

Just a little collection. 

Rayuela - bonner og boger på spansk

Fælledvej 5, Nørrebro, 2200 Copenhagen 
telephone: +45 3535 6674

Rayuela is a little Spanish book café in Nørrebro district, very close to Dronning Louises Bridge and Nørreport station and metro stop. It's a very charming little place where you can get coffee and tea (they have argentinian mate!) as well as breakfast, soup, snacks and small meals. Apart from that they also have a small selection of South American products to buy, most importantly alfajores. They also offer Spanish courses. 

Blågårds Plads 2, Nørrebro, 2200 Copenhagen 
telephone: +45 3537 2442 

This place is extremely cute, and when the music is on it turns from cute to awesome. It's an old pharmacy turned into a café/bar, with a stage space for live music at the end opposite the bar - for example jazz concerts every Monday. Drink-wise it specializes on beer, but there's also a wide selection of coffee and tea. It is the interior, though, that really sets the place apart from other cafés and bars in the area. The walls are covered in art, there are original apothecary cabinets all over the place that work as bars and the tables are anitque sewing tables. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures from the place because I was already very tired when I got there (after almost 20hrs awake and about on my first day in CPH). 

Candy Megastore 

Neither a bar, nor a café. But a lot of fun if you like sweets! And there's two of them in Copenhagen. I don't think this needs a lot of explanation, it does need pictures though! 

Happy Juice 

This one's a mobile thing. I got my juice in Nyhavn, but I don't know if they're always there of if they change location from time to time. Either way, go find them and get a smoothie, a juice or a milkshake! It's rather cheap for Copenhagen standards and the quality is very high, as far as I can tell (I'm a juice-drinking expert, not a juice-examining expert). Also, they're pretty good to the environment too and not only their customers, using a completely natural and renewable resource based packaging called Greenware, that's made of plants and not of oil. And on top of that they even donate 1 DKK for every juice, smoothie or milkshake bought to a charity. So if you get a drink there it's not only very, very good for you - it's also good for others! 

Joe & the Juice 

This place is also great for juice and is a great alternative to Happy Juice when it's raining and you can't or don't want to have a juice outside. They have a wide variety of juices and coffee and you can also get pastries or sandwiches. There's stores all over Denmark - as well as the UK, Germany and there will soon be on in Oslo, Norway. I guess that proves that I'm right when I say it's a good place! 

What I, personally, like best about Joe & the Juice are the names of the juice varieties. Right before writing this bit here I had a "hell of a nerve": strawberry, elderflower and banana. Yum, that's all I can say to that. 

If you're on your way somewhere and don't want to stop for a long time to get food in a place or wait for a fresh smoothie, there's to-go places all over the city centre, like the following two, for example. They're basically made for people who are in a hurry, so they're perfect for little in-between snacks/energy boosts when there's not really time for a break. 

Kalles Kaffe To Go @ Nyhavn, where the tourboats leave

PancakeBike @ centre, there's a few of these - I recommend the nutalla+banana pancake!!

Nobody's going to go hungry, thirsty or craving candy in Copenhagen! 

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