Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Discipline... something I just don't have but very much need. 

For life in general, because I think it would make a lot of things easier. It's not that I'm lazy or sloppy or never meet deadlines or anything like that. I'm organized enough and I usually do the things I put on my (imaginary) to-do list. It's just that I get distracted very easily. Example: while writing this first paragraph I signed up for a membership in a blogger community, I chatted with a friend on Facebook and with my dad on Gmail. What I should have done was simply writing this. 

So, the lack of discipline isn't only a thing in my life in general, but it specifically affects what I'm trying to do here: telling random stories about stuff I do to nobody. 

My friend said to start a blog. So I started this blog. She didn't tell me to keep writing for it, or to make it interesting. So I guess I'm not, at least not really. Maybe I should ask her to come over and shout at me or something. But that shouldn't be necessary! 

The thing is, I really want to do this, I like the idea of it. Not blogging as in what professional bloggers do. If somebody who reads this gets useful tips out of it then great, but it's not vital for me that anyone uses this as a source of travel information. My idea was for this blog to basically substitute photo albums on Facebook. I want to put up my favourite pictures and tell my favourite stories to family and friends and friends-to-be. 

I've always travelled a lot and I want to keep doing it - no, I WILL keep doing it -, but I want to take people with me on my journey. Oh gods, this sounds soooo corny! I'm sorry... But anyways, even though I love travelling by myself (go alone and meet people there, that's how I usually do it) I want to share my experiences and tell my stories and show my photos... 

And this blog could also be some kind of memory book for myself. "Oh, look at this, this is from back when I went to the Bahamas for the first time. What a sunburn!" Or. "Remember that time the Bellavista flooded and we all made paper boats together?" Yes, I do talk to myself, don't act like you don't. Shut up! 

Now I wonder why it's so hard for me to just do what I just said I wanted to do. Maybe it's trying to meet expectations, maybe it's thinking too hard about what information is valuable enough to be shared (which shouldn't even be an issue). Whatever it is, I'm going to try to stop it and just go back to telling stories. This blog entry is my pledge to trying harder and turning this thing here into what I really want it to be: a storybook from my beloved land of ontheway...

Sorry, corny again. 

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  1. Keep writing and it is interesting :) I read every post and it is not about discipline, lol, you are just good at multitasking, Frau Magister. Auf in neue Abenteuer