Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Copenhagen Sand Festival

May 27th until August 5th, 2012 
Ofelia Beach, close by Nyhavn 
Daily 10am until 9pm 
Price for adults 50 DKK 

I had just arrived in Copenhagen in the morning and the weather forecast predicted rain for my whole time in the city, which sucked. Seeing that for some reason it didn't rain and the clouds sort of thinned out with the time passing, I decided to go straight to the Sand Festival in case rain had a look at it's agenda and remembered it was supposed to come to Copenhagen. 

Initially I was a bit taken aback by the admission fee of 50 DKK for adults(no student discount, very sorry), but I decided to go in anyways. I do not regret that! The sculptures are pretty from afar but impressive - and even prettier - from close up!! 

At the entrance in Ofelia Beach, next to the theatre and across the water from the new opera house. 

Map and a smartphone-info-thingey.

FAQs and info.

Here's a few pictures of details from the sculptures. I won't post pictures of entire sculptures as they don't do the originals justice, especially because of the bad light due to all the clouds. 

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