Thursday, May 10, 2012

Do you like getting lost?

Because here, you will. But in a good way, don't worry. 

The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul... what can I say about it? It's pretty grand. Look at it on any map, it's pretty much it's own district, there's entire streets in there. There's an inside part and an outside part and I bet there's sort of an underground part, because sometimes vendors will want to show you more of their merchandise by luring you down some stairs in a back room. You decide for yourself if you go with them or not, I know I didn't. 

So, because I'm really at a loss for words here ("Grand Bazaar is Grand" is really not much of a literary achievement for a writer...) I'll just post some of my favourite pictures. And then you just go yourself and explore and haggle and buy: souvenirs, bags, clothes, shoes, household articles, food, drinks, jewelery, accessories, etc etc etc 

Grand Bazaar is high.

Grand Bazaar is friendly. 

Grand Bazaar is surprising (and helpful when you're lost).

Grand Bazaar is pet-friendly. 

You can get everything here, from a future as a superhero to 1 million lamps.

You'll need breaks. Fortunately, there's cafés in there. And kebab stands. 

Marmeladetasche. You don't have to understand what that means. Just buy it and bring it to me, thank you.

Go, and may the force be with you. You'll need it!!

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