Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Let's get ontheway then..!

So, a friend of mine said "You travel so much, you should, like, blog about it or something." and so I said "I don't know, I guess... whatever." and that was that. 

For a while. 

Recently I've started thinking about it again. I don't know if I travel a lot, that's all so relative! Compared to my grandfather I'm like a walking guidebook on the whole world. Compared to that swiss couple that's been on an around-the-world trip for over 27 years, or some of my own friends even, I'm my grandfather. As I said, it's relative. But for the sake of this blog and my sanity (because I have a slight tendency to overthing stuff) let's say I do travel a lot. For the same reason, let's also say it's interesting to read about my trips and see pictures - because, otherwise why bother starting a blog about it all, right? 

Now the question is: How do we do this? 

See, I've never blogged before and the only blog I'm subscribed to and read regularly belongs to that friend of mine who told me to blog - see the problem? I'm clueless! But then, I'm clueless most of the time - you'll find that out reading about my trips - and so here might be an idea: I'll just take this blog as if it was a trip! 

- No preparation. 
- Start going. 
- Do stuff. 
- See what happens. 

It's worked before, so I'll just go on hoping it'll work here as well! 

I've already made my first decision, which was to start this thing (blog, call it a blog!) right now, even though I'm as far from travelling as I could possibly be. I'm trying to finish my thesis so I can graduate from university, I'm hardly working so I'm not making a lot of money to save for trips, I'm living at my mother's!!! Could it get any worse? Well of course it could, in so many ways. But still. My mother's... 

Thing is, travelling is what I like most in the world. And books. But I can (and do) read on the road, so travelling wins. And so while I'm in this (very temporary) situation, maybe talking or writing or ... blogging about past trips can help me get the motivation to finally finish this frekking thesis so I can get out there again. Don't get me wrong, I love my studies and I love what I'm writing about and all that crêpe, but it's about time I got to leave again. Because, well, travelling is what I like most in the world. Sorry for the repetition. 

So, here we go. I don't know what I'm doing, but I bet neither do you half the time so shut up. 

Let's get ontheway :) 


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